Gates of Heaven

This photo was taken at a very difficult time for me. I had a passion for watching Southwest Florida’s sunsets because they are like no other. My favorite spot for over 2 decades has been on Little Hickory Island. When I was young, I would visit my Dad and while on vacation in Florida, we would always go to Bonita Beach. When I took this photo, it was during the summer of 2018 when we had many issues with severe Red Tide which killed off much of our marine life. Walking to my favorite spot this day was so tough because the air was filled with the stench of dead fish and sea life that had washed up on the beach, in addition to flies. I also happened to get sick with a sinus infection each time I visited the beach & this was the last sunset attempt I made for many months. I call this photo “Heaven’s Gate” because of the way the sun’s rays split across the sky, almost opening up to take in the dead souls from Red Tide.

Lee County, FL

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