Golden Hazy Sunset

Florida Summers can be described as hot and humid, but they can also be so magical. The regular rains and afternoon showers bring in clouds that offer the opportunity for some incredible sunsets. While most people in Florida prefer the . I believe that most of Florida’s colorful sunsets happen during the off-season. Another fun factor of my favorite sunset photos is the dust we receive from the Sahara Desert. Saharan dust blows over the Atlantic Ocean and coats the Florida sky in a hazy mist once it reaches Florida. This dusty haze creates additional levels of depth and color that aren’t quite seen during regular sunsets. On this particular day we had enough haze to block the sun in a few places, making it look much larger than normal. The waves were also stronger than our typical flat surf due to the Summer storms.

Little Hickory Beach Park | Lee County, FL

June 27. 2018 

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