Naples Pier

I spent a dozen or so mornings and evenings photographing the Naples Pier in 2019. At the time I was interested in lots of colors in the sky, along with a nice collection of clouds to help mirror the colors over the water. I was hoping for red, orange, pink, any bright colors that popped... This one particular morning on April 19, 2019 failed to provide any colors at all. The sun came up, but it was mostly muted and blocked by clouds in the Eastern sky. I was disappointed by what I saw in camera review, and I let the photos sit for weeks in my computer without editing or looking at them. During the summer of 2019 I came back to this photo and saw it through new eyes. Something about the difference of 6-8 weeks gave me a completely different attitude, feeling and perspective of a photo I had just recently taken... The contrasting blues of the sky with greens of the gulf, accented and outlined in whites are what brought me back to this photo.

Collier County, FL

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