Andrew Mease’s photographs are created in multiple editions variations. For more information about the editions, see below. Prints are all made using the finest quality papers and inks.

What is a Limited Edition?
Limited Edition means that there will only ever be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each photograph. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of that photograph. Limited Editions come in multiple sizes ranging from 1-100 signed prints. Prints numbered 1-10 are artist reserves and will be released at the artists discretion once the edition has sold out.

Artist Proofs
With each Edition image release, only 10 - 25 numbered and signed Artist Proofs are made available. These proofs are regarded as personal to the artist and therefore highly sought after by collectors.

Exclusive Editions 
Exclusive Editions are one-of-a-kind images that have been hand selected and signed by Andrew. They are considered to be among his most rare and valuable work. While Exclusive Editions are available to any collector, they are usually acquired by the most avid of enthusiasts.

Why does the price of the artwork change over time? 
Limited Editions are produced in a pre-determined edition size. As the demand for one of Andrew’s Photographs goes up, so does the price. Collecting early guarantees you are also receiving the most competitive pricing available.