Digital Art

Bakeryswap NFT Gallery

Andrew has always had an interest in technology. At an early age he was building computers, websites, editing in Adobe Photoshop, and programming in C++. His passion for adventure was honed through video games, books, and blockbuster movies growing up. That passion for adventure evolved in 2018 when Andrew entered the world of digital photography. Andrew combines his virtual and real world experiences to constantly improve his artwork. In 2021 Andrew took the next step of his digital art journey by entering the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Binance smart Chain. 

Showtime - Ethereum NFT Gallery links

Showtime provides a full list of Andrew's Ethereum blockchain-based digital art assets... After Andrew's experience with NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain, he decided that it was time to become a multi-chain NFT artist and expand to Ethereum NFT marketplaces as well. His first NFTs are expected to launch on the Ethereum blockchain in May, 2021.

Andrew's Personal NFT Gallery

Andrew's personal NFT art collection is displayed on AndrewMease.crypto for the world to see. (This website is a Web3 website and can only be accessed via a few select browser at this time, like the Opera Web Browser)

 Launching May, 2021