Moose Drool

On my first photography adventure in Grand Teton National Park, we struggled to find much wildlife in the first few days. The weather in September of 2018 happened to be warmer than most years, which seemed to keep most of the wildlife up in the mountains longer than normal. My luck finally seemed to turn on the third day, when we encountered a bull & three of his harem resting in the afternoon shade underneath a cottonwood tree. We watched this incredible bull moose for almost 3 hours before he finally stood up. Shortly after standing up he started to drool and I was lucky to capture the moment in action. Seeing these majestic animals up close is quite incredible, as adult moose can get up to almost 7 feet tall.

September 22, 2018 | 2:52pm

Collections: Wyoming Wildlife

Category: Mammals, Moose, Wildlife, Wyoming

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